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? 10 Reasons Homeless People Sleep Out in the Cold – and Die Reposted from:  http://getprismatic.com/story/1427501316512 You can’t miss them when you walk around a city: shapeless masses pressed up against buildings or into corners. Homeless people sleeping outside, even now when the temperature is cold and dropping. The…

vet trauma

Congrats, New Orleans!!

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Congratulations, New Orleans, for tackling homelessness for our Veterans! You stepped up to Katrina, and now look! Thank you! Xo Please read this article and stay abreast of what we can do as a community to resolve homelessness for our Vets, and as a whole. Thank you. http://usich.gov/population/veterans/veterans_homelessness_in_focus/ending_veteran_homelessness_in_new_orleans_the_importance_of_partnerships_a/  

I stayed because I don’t want to be homeless

On September 17, 2013 domestic violence programs across the U.S. served 36,348 homeless victims in emergency shelters or transitional housing. On that same day 5,578 requests for housing assistance went unfilled as providers were maxed out on beds and vouchers. That amounts to 41,926 people fleeing domestic violence in one day.  The number may be…

When did Goliath become the hero?

David versus Goliath. Rooting for the underdog. Using jail to beat down the poor. Wait. What was that last one? It is the growing phenomenon in America to use jail time and exorbitant fees to punish people for being poor. The criminal justice system has always been significantly harder for the poor. They cannot afford…