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Senator Chris Murphy takes a class in homelessness

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy went on a junket recently. He spent a day with a homeless man.

Granted this was not a typical junket. His lunch came from a hot meal site serving franks and beans. He didn’t play golf in Scotland or go sailing. He certainly did not go first class, unless that’s how you see walking between a homeless shelter, a library and a food site in Connecticut in January.

How could Senator Murphy know what to expect that day? He couldn’t know, and that is exactly why he spent the day with Nick.

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How could Senator Murphy know what to expect? He couldn’t know, and that is exactly why he spent the day with Nick, a man who had spent six months living in shelters and the street.

We won’t pretend one day is a full education. It does say this senator is a leader who wants to know more about all the people he serves. How much better would our political discourse be if all politicians had the courage to learn first hand what life is like for people different from them? There’s no better education than getting up close and personal with them.

In his own words he wanted to get a glimpse of what homelessness is really like. To read more about what he learned that day check out the full story at http://huff.to/1fm3cjr

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    I’m ready to send out invitations to several of our state reps to see if they will accompany me on a “homeless class field trip” (That would be so cool). –T.J.

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